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A little bit about me

After years of working for somebody else, the early 1990s heralded a big change for me. I decided I needed a new challenge and chose to go it alone, working for myself and doing something that I was truly passionate about. I have had a lifelong interest in classical music and woodwind in particular, playing in various orchestras, so it seemed only natural that I should pursue this. After completing a comprehensive and hugely enjoyable woodwind instrument repair and restoration course in Newark-on-Trent, I finally set up in business in 1993, in my home town of Chelmsford, Essex.

Since then, I have developed a strong working relationship with the musical movement as a whole in Essex and East Anglia, with particularly strong ties to a number of music vendors and stores. As I became progressively more busy, I moved to a more expansive working environment, finally settling on my current place of work: the more rural setting of Witham, Essex.

In 2005 I took the decision to start buying and selling second-hand woodwind instruments. After working in the area for 12 years and developing some momentum, it seemed like a natural step to take. So I made a few purchases of second-hand clarinets and flutes, and worked to restore them to a very high playable standard, and advertised them for sale online at competitive rates. This coincided with the construction of my first website, as I felt that it was time to establish an online presence and spread my reach.